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Welcome to the library

Welcome to the library:

The Libraries of Stevns municipality are free and for all, regardless of residency or nationality.

We welcome all guests and users and will do our best to service your various needs.

In the library you can find books, DVD’s, music, games and music.

You can also use the internet, send and receive emails etc.

To borrow materials from the library you have to register.

Read in your own language:

The materials in the libraries are primarily in Danish. But we do have collections in other languages.

We can also order materials from other libraries in Denmark.

You can also read newspapers online in your own language.

Learning Danish:

We have language courses with books and CD´s to help you learn Danish, and we also have easy books
in Danish for you to read.


The libraries:                              Phone no.               e-mail

Store Heddinge Library           56 50 30 70   

Hårlev Library                              56 57 53 70   

Strøby Egede Library                56 57 53 80